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The major scientific and technical special project has the top priority in the Outline of National Plan for Medium to Long-term Scientific and Technological Development (2006-2020) It plays a critical and strategic role in strengthening the overall national power.

Since the formal startup of major special national scientific and technical projects, the Institute has participated actively in various works of the major projects and application of various subjects and undertaken different scientific and technical projects with its scientific research advantages in various fields. Based on the initiation of four projects in April 2008, the Institute worked hard on enhancing its capacity for tackling critical scientific and technical problems in 2009 and has signed about task contracts of a dozen of projects with more under argumentation and appraisal.

The Special Project 01(the core electronic device, the high-end universal chip and the foundation software products) is mainly focused on the study of key technologies as well as the research and development of strategically important products in the chips, software and electronic devices area, through constant innovation. The Special Project 05 (the development of large oil and gas fields and coal bed gases) is focused on studying the high-precision seismic exploration and the exploitation technology under complicated geological conditions in Western China and improving the independent design and manufacture technology and appliances.

Based on the micromechanical inertial device and the integration manufacturing technology of MEMS, the Special 01 and 05 subjects undertaken by the Institute are working on key issues of the project as scheduled.

The Special Project 02 (the ULSI manufacturing equipment and processes) is mainly focused on transferring 90 nano-manufacturing device into commercial products, and completing the key technology and manufacturing the components in China, to develop the 65-type nano manufacturing assembling sample machine. The Projects targets at breaking through several key technologies in the below 45 nano area, developing the core and common technologies of manufacturing the super-large sized integrated circuits, and preliminarily establishing the innovation system for Chinese integrated circuit manufacturing industry.

As a leading institution SOI material research in China, the Institute is willing to take responsibilities and has already started the research on many projects and subjects in the special projects.

The Special Project 03 (new-generation broadband wireless mobile radio communication) is focused on and targeted at developing the new-generation broadband cellular mobile telecommunication system equipped with mass communication capacity, the broadband wireless communication access system with low cost and broad coverage, the near-and-short-distance wireless interconnected system and sensor network, mastering the key technologies, and improving the proportion of our intellectual property rights involved in mainstream international technical standards remarkably.

Leading the wireless mobile communication technology, the Institute has undertaken many subjects, and is working on the development of new-generation communication system and the preparation of technical standard as scheduled.

The Special Project 09 (the prevention of serious infectious diseases such as AIDs and virus hepatitis) is focused on breaking through key technologies such as developing and making new vaccines and medicines, developing independently 40 high-efficient specificity diagnostic reagents, 15 kinds of vaccine and medicines, developing the scientific and standardized prevent plan integrating the traditional Chinese medicine and the western medicine, establishing 10 prevention technical platforms reaching the level of the developed countries, and preliminarily constructing a technical system for preventing and controlling AIDs and hepatitis effectively.

The scientific and technical personnel have started inspecting the virus and establishing the inspection technical platform regarding the infectious disease such as the hepatitis and tuberculosis, based on requirements of the special projects undertaken.

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