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MEMS Sensor Reaches Wild Application Level
2009-12-28 | A A A  【print】【close

In the end of November, Shanghai Institute of Mircrosystem and Information Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIMIT), together with Sinopec Petroleum Geophysical Prospecting Institute carried out a wild experiment of MEMS sensor and its data acquisition system in Luota village, Longshan County, Xiangxi State, Hunan Province, which was very successful.

This wild experiment mainly concerns on shallow layer geology structure. The length of the profile is 370m, and each shell weighs 200g. The wild experiment last for 10 days, altogether acquired 150 shell data. Every shell data can provide effective information what Seismic Exploration needs, which showed that the MEMS sensor developed by SIMIT has reached the wild application level. And that established a profound technology foundation for the industrialization of MEMS sensor.

During the wild experiment, it was snowing and the weather was very cold. The team members experienced bad weather like cold, snowing and raining. The environment was very tough: cold wind, muddy land and snowing.  LI Xiaolin, WU Jian of No.1 key laboratory together with other scientists from the cooperative institutes, worked more than 10 hours everyday. They worked continuously and overcame a lots of difficulties to ensure the success of the experiment.

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