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The Microsystem Institute successfully developed the THz quantum cascade laser independently
2009-08-12 | A A A  【print】【close

The THz subject group led by Researcher Cao Juncheng of State Key Laboratory of Functional Materials for Informatics of Shanghai Institute of Microsystem has succeeded in developing independently the quantum cascade laser (QCL) with the maser frequency of 3.2 THz recently. The whole research of the device is finished in the Microsystem Institute, including active region material growth, device taping out process, and electro optical characteristic testing, laying a solid foundation for the development of relevant THz application systems.

THzQCL is characterized in its small size, light weight, easy integration, high efficiency in energy conversion, and applicability in the continuous wave mode. It is a semiconductor quantum device with complicated structure. The research team employed V90 gas-source molecular beam epitaxy device to grow the THzQCL active region based on the GaAs/AlGaAs materials system, adopted the single metal wave-guide process to prepare and package the THzQCL device, and utilized the Fourier transform far infra-red spectroscopy to test the emission spectrum of the device with the maser frequency of 3.2 THz.


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