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Micro-nano System Materials, Fabrication and Device Physics
2008-11-07 | A A A  【print】【close
  • Detection of low levels of chemical toxins with high reliability (low false response) is a major challenge to sensor technologies. An alternative approach to improved detection sensitivity can be realized by the fusion of Nano Technology, Biology, Informatics.
  • For this purpose, several nano-technologies will develop in this project. The main research topics are:
  • Nano-materials and quantum structure materials for high sensitive detection;
  • Application of nano-effects;
  • Nanofabrication based on MEMS technology with smart design;
  • Terahertz detector
  • High sensitivity and selectivity detection methodologies;
  • The research group has won 2 national scientific and technology prizes, 5 ministry level prizes 50 patents have been granted. Around 400 SCI papers have been published.
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