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The Research Center for New Energy Technology(RCNET) was established in September 2010. RCNET focuses on R&D  of amorphous/crystalline silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cells, Micro-energy technology lithium-ion battery and hydrogen storage, R&D of standard tests and calibration technology of solar cells, striving to develop the advanced solar cell devices with independent intellectual property rights, international standard testing technology of photovoltaic devices, lithium battery materials and lithium battery, power storage materials & system.

Major research areas

High efficiency SHJ solar cells 

      Specific researches have been promoted in our Labs, known as high-efficiency SHJ solar cells, CIGS and CZTS solar cells, Perovskite solar cells, reliability of outdoors PV modules for smart Power Station and advanced technology of solar energy capture and management.

Micro-energy technology

Lithium ion battery

Studies will be focused on the research and optimization of battery structure design and system ratio, system integration and management technology of electric vehicle and energy storage battery packs, consistency and environmental adaptability of battery packs, etc.

Metal hydrogen storage

Main research metal hydrogen storage R&D and engineering preparation of materials,efficient metal hydrogen storage materials,hydrogen storage devices and test equipments development,solar-hydrogen system integration technology.

Standard tests and calibration technology of solar cells

Certified by CNAS qualification. Main research solar cell components, to form a standard test and calibration technology.

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