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The Wireless Sensor Network Department (WSND) was set up in May 2015, after the optimization and integration of related research units, in order to further concentrate the power of research and development, deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, and promote technology innovation and achievements transformation of wireless sensor network/Internet of Things,.

The WSND belongs to www.9778.com-威尼斯9778官方网站 Chinese Academy of Science, is a department with integration of scientific research, production, technical services, and implements independent operation, independent accounting, and independent management. The WSND is made up of eight departments : General Office, Planning Department, Financial Department, Manufacturing Department, Marketing Department, Quality Department, and Administration Department, and is equipped with two key labs : Microsystem Technology Key Lab, and Wireless Sensor Network and Communication Key Lab. The WSND now has 62 graduate students, and total 171 employees of which 60.2% are with master's degree or above.

As the key unit of the Shanghai Internet Center, the WSND is committed to provide the advanced wireless sensor network of miniaturization and products of terminal system and equipment.

The WSND has dozens of invention patents , has published hundreds of papers of SCI/EI retrieval, and dozens of standard proposals have been accepted by domestic and international organizations for standardization.

At present, the WSND is actively carrying out works on  demonstration and R&D of projects of wearable information terminal, and the next generation of the wireless sensor network, vigorously taking efforts to achieve the goal of "contribution to national defense, national security and public security ".

The main research direction of WSND is for the development and application of related technologies and industry products of Internet of Things (IOT), including sensors designing, sensor signal acquisition and processing, signal analysis, pattern recognition, image analysis and processing, large-scale ad-hoc network agreement, domain network, network collaboration, cloud computing, wireless communication technology, short distance interconnection, dedicated chip designing, etc. These applications are mainly used to the IOT application systems and product series, such as urban safety, intelligent transportation, resources survey, disaster prevention and so on.


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