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Shichang Zou
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Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences 






Shichang Zou, materials scientist, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academy Member) was graduated from Tangshan Jiaotong University in 1952, and received the associate doctor’s degree in Moscow Nonferrous Metals College in 1958. He was appointed as the visiting professor of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Solid Technological Research Institute from 1979 to 1980, and successively held roles of Director of www.9778.com-威尼斯9778官方网站, CAS (originally the Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, CAS), Vice Chairman of Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Co., Ltd., Chairman of Shanghai Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, and President of Shanghai Pudong Association for Science and Technology. Currently he serves as Researcher and Ph.D. Supervisor of Shanghai Institute of Microsystem, Chief Director of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association, Science Consultant of Shanghai Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, and also Honorary Member of International Committee of the International Ion Implantation Materials Modification Academic Conference. He was elected Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academy Member) in 1991.

Zou Shichang was responsible for key national defense subject Type A separating film processing and shaping in 1960s to make decisions on selective preference in the technical guidelines. He innovatively applied carbon dioxide laser backside irradiation to achieve enhanced annealing effect of ion implantation damage after 1970s, and studied the damage enhanced effect of molecular ion injection. He successfully developed the first l20-gate gallium arsenide gate array circuit with the all directions ion implantation technology in China, and processed the first group of blinking holographic gratings with reactive ion beam in China. He developed SOI material and made the CMOSSOI circuit, as well as the Ion Beam Enhanced Deposit (IBED) technology and the synthesized silicon nitride and titanium nitride film. In 1990s, he participated in the establishment of integrated circuit companies including Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, etc. in Shanghai Pudong, making a new contribution to the development of hi-tech industry.

Academician Zou also won the 1st Prize of National Invention, as well as 14 awards of the CAS such as the Natural Science Award and the Scientific and Technological Progress Award, etc. He published more than 200 papers, and mentored over 30 Ph.D. students. Zou was elected Outstanding Talent in Shanghai Pudong Development and Construction in 2003; and awarded China Semiconductor Industry Pathfinder Award by the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) in 2008.  

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