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Embassy delegation visits SIMIT
2009-12-10 | A A A  【print】【close

On 7th December, a delegation namedApproaching CAS – Shanghai, 2009visits SIMIT, which is organized by the Bureau of International Cooperation Chinese Academy of Sciences. The team consists of about 20 delegates from different States Embassy. Accompanied by Li Junxiong, the director from the Division of International Cooperation Planning, all the members had a good trip.  

Yu Yuehui, the president assistant with SIMIT, showed them around the accomplish exhibition and gave them an introduction to the history of SIMIT. Moreover, the ambassadors had a further communication with the research fellows. For example, Xie Xiaoming and Wang Ping, the research fellows from SIMIT, gave reports on the superconducting field, wireless communications, as well as the international cooperation. After the reports, the visitors showed a great interest in these researches and several delegates, such as the Australian ambassador, expressed their willingness to cooperate with SIMIT. Embassy delegation visits SIMIT.


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