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A team headed by Mr. Bing Yeh, President of SST, US, visited SIMIT for cooperation negotiations
2008-11-27 | A A A  【print】【close

A three-person team including Mr. Bing Yeh, President of SST, US, and Mr. Bomy Chen,VP of SST, US, visited SIMIT to discuss about the cooperation on PCRAM. Mr. Feng Songlin,Head of the Institute, and Mr. Song Zhitang, Director of Division 3, attended the meeting.

In the meeting, Director Song Zhitang introduced the latest development of PCRAM project, and the current application status to the national CI project PCRAM project, as well as the labour distributions and difficulties of SIMIT, SMIC and SST in the promotion of PCRAM industrialisation. Mr. Feng introduced the technology development of SIMIC in the earthquake relief work, Pudong Airport electronic separation net, and accompany satellite for Shenzhou VII spaceship, and the successful test on the “Chuangxin I – 02” communication satellite, etc., focusing on the next development planning of PCRAM project. He hoped that the cooperation among three parties should have clear labour distribution, job responsibility clarification and reasonable personnel organisation. SMIC and SST will take more work on industrialisation, while SIMIT will focus on the independent IP. President Bing Yeh highly appreciated SIMIT’s achievement in this year and showed his satisfaction on the current development of PCRAM project. He also said that the PCRAM was the key of the next generation of SST chips, so SST would increase the labour and financial investment on PCRAM.



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