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National Silicon Industry Group (NSIG) firmed
2015-11-13 | A A A  【print】【close

National Silicon Industry Group (NSIG) is officially formed today by investment from Sino IC Capital, Shanghai Guosheng Group, Summit View Capital, SIMIT and Jiading Industry Development Group, with RMB 2 billion capital registered in Jiading.


NSIG will be an industry holding company, focus on semiconductor material business and its ecosystem development, will establish and operate the industrial platform by investment, international M&A, innovation collaborations and global consolidation to enhance the comprehensive positioning of material in whole industrial supply chain, by leveraging the strategic support from Sino IC Capital, blended industrial resources concentrated in and around Shanghai, to form an innovation Center of semiconductor materials.


Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. WANG Xi said, materials and its related innovations and supply chain will be more and more critical in the progress of more Moore, more than Moore and beyond Moore, so it’s very important to build up NSIG as our industrial holding platform, to develop our industry group more effectively and more efficiently, with all possible and prudential capital facilities.


Mr. DING Wenwu, General Manager of National Semiconductor Investment Fund, Mr. SHOU Ziqi,President of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Mr. MA Chunlei, Secretary of Jiading District, Mr. ZHANG Liping, Chairman of Guosheng Group, Mr. LU Jun, the President of Sino IC Capital, Dr. WANG Xi, Director General of www.9778.com-威尼斯9778官方网站, Mr. WU Ping, Co-Founding Partner of Summit View Capital, participated the signing ceremony together.


Before the ceremony, Mr. ZHOU Bo, Vice Mayor of Shanghai and head of Shanghai IC Development Task Force, had a meeting with investors.




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