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SIMIT Fellow Wang Yuelin Gave A Lecture in the “Famous Teachers and Famous Persons” Lecture-Series
2009-03-30 | A A A  【print】【close

On March 19th, 2009, SIMIT Fellow Wang Yuelin come to the stage of "Famous Teachers And Famous Persons" with his wonderful lectureThe Enlightenment From MEMS To NEMS Development.

Professor Wang demonstrated the development of technology from MEMS to NEMS, as well as the impact of this process and inspiration. Combining with his own research experience and current social environment, professor Wang also referred to the scientific research methods and the self-development of graduate students.

Professor Wang’s lecture was greatly interested by the audience and aroused applause many times. At the end of the lecture, Professor Wang was invited for the inscription - "Down-to-earth, all through work and life."

As one of the earliest experts studying in MEMS in China, Professor Wang is the 973 project "Integrated MOEMS Research" chief scientist, and has served as the team leader of “National 863 Major Project-MEMS” in China.

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