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SST donates four testing instruments to SIMIT
2009-03-20 | A A A  【print】【close

SIMIT has been setting up a long-term relationship with Silicon Storage Technology Inc. (SST). And they found Shanghai Xinchu Integrated Circuit Ltd with SMIC, and join in the R & D and manufacture of the national major project about integrated circuit (Key Technologies and Application of Phase-Change Memory). On the morning of the 12th of March, basing on the good cooperation, SST presented SIMIT four 8-inch testing instruments for development and research of PCRAM, which cost about 600 thousand Yuan. Our director, Feng Songlin and the CEO of SST, Yaw Wen Hu, as representatives of both sides, signed the donation documents. Hu Shanrong, Li Hua, Song Zhitang, Bomy Chen, the vice CEO of SST attended the ceremony of donation. These testing instruments are indispensable for development of PCRAM memory chip. The promotion of technology of chip test will do a lot contribution to the R & D of the integrated circuit national major project. Both sides hope strengthen the cooperation between institute and company as usual. Combination of produce, education and research will develop PCRAM memory chip with whole own intellectual property and international competitiveness, and promote the industrialization development of PCRAM in our country.

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