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CTO From Applied Materials Visited SIMIT
2008-10-31 | A A A  【print】【close

On 29th, Oct., Jick M Yu, the CTO of CPI department of Applied Materials visited SIMIT at the invitation of Zhitang Song, the director of SIMIT’s 3rd R&D department.

Mr. Song gave the brief introduction on SIMIT’s research activities in PCRAM to visitors. Jick M Yu thought highly of SIMIT’s achievements in this field. He explained his initiative for this visit is just because of SIMIT’s authority in PCRAM research greatly arouse his interest and finally urged him to arrange the visit to SIMIT. Jick M Yu also expressed his hope to cooperate with SIMIT in the manufacturing of PCRAM.

Dr. Wei Wang from Applied Materials gave two speeches in the day, which introduced Applied Materials’s latest technology in PVD, CVD, ALD and GeSbTe.

Both Sides deeply discussed on academy problems, respective advantages and cooperation issues.

Jick M Yu recommended that Applied Materials and SIMIT need to keep close touch and pave the way for the future cooperation.

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