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Taiwan ITRI Experts in SIMIT
2008-10-22 | A A A  【print】【close
An eight people delegation from Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan made an official visit to SIMIT on 13th and 14th Oct. at the invitation of Zhiyong Pu, the director of Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Communications. The members of the delegation included the president of Information& Communication Research Laboratories of Industrial Technology Research Institute, Dr. Baoshu Lin, president assistant, Dr. Caihua Liu, Dr. Sheng Zheng, Dr. Wensheng Feng and Dr. Yihui Lv, president of College of Computer Science of National Chiao Tung University, Yiping Lin and Dr. Xinhong Chen, and consultant Zongfu Huang from Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufactures Association. The reception delegation from SIMIT consisted of president Songlin Feng, director Zhiyong Pu, Mingqi Li and Zhigang Zhou from the 6th R&D department.
Mr. Feng presented the latest R&D activities and amazing achievements of SIMIT to the Taiwan delegation. Dr. Lin also induced the researches in Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan and expressed the wishes to cooperate with SIMIT on science research, scholar visit and program application.
Two parties exchanged their ideas on the technique trend of wireless broadband access.
Mr. Pu gave details about the current wireless broadband multimedia technology , standards situation and industrial alliance, and invited Taiwan academies and industries to be involved to promote the development and mature of the wireless broadband multimedia technology industrial circle.
Taiwan delegation showed great interest in it and promised to call for the related R&D people in Taiwan to take part in the research and standardization of wireless broadband multimedia. They would also like to take the advantage of Taiwan’s mature industry wireless broadband access industry to be responsible for the key parts of the terminal manufacturing. The delegation also went to Hangzhou to visit the demo of Wireless Hangzhou designed by the 6th R&D department. 
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