Intelligent micro perception system

Date:27-10-2017   |   【Print】 【close


The intelligent micro perception system is an information processing technology applying to the highly intelligentized sensor network, which has large scale, vast overlay, strong flowability and the support of mobile cloud computing. The technology is based on a variety of detection means such as sound signal, seismic signal, infrared signal, image and so on, and adopting a highly integrated miniature hybrid sensor group made by micro-nano technology. The dynamic network community is formed by the interaction and cooperation of multiple sensor nodes. It has the ability of swarm intelligence and autonomous learning to accurately detect and identify the targets, so as to be able to sense the environment and the target information in the detection area and realize the precise target location, intelligent identification. The main research directions of intellisense microsystem technology can be divided into the following five directions: research on micro composite sensor integration technology, research on accurate multi-target detection and recognition technology in complex environments, research on dynamic instant networking technology of large scale micro sensor nodes, research on intellisense technology of network cluster based on deep learning and research on mobile cloud computing technology of microsystem sensor network.


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