Sensitive effects, mechanisms and materials

Date:09-06-2017   |   【Print】 【close


  As a national key laboratory, in frontier research MEMS combined with sensors, it uses different subjects of crossing and innovation, in the sensitive effect, research direction and mechanism of material aspect, it also made an important deployment.

  Based on the new concept of materials genome research, laboratory innovates oftemperature resonant trace paradigm, it can set the thermodynamic and kinetic parameters on the interfacial molecular biochemical sensitive material trace extraction, and open a method of biochemical sensitive materials to evaluate and optimize the quantitative model. It can guide the efficient development of new sensitive material and sensitive effect the direction of research, this innovation has won the foundation of major projects and national key scientific instrument R & D project support, the results have been published in JMC-A, Small, ACA, Lab on, a chip and other journals.






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