Sensor microsystem chip technology

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The laboratory mainly engaged in microfluidic chip, biosensor, research on micro nano electrochemical sensor and IOT system, used in clinical testing, environmental monitoring and food safety testing required for micro nano sensor new principle, new methods and new technology to carry out the research, developed for the early detection of Clinical Oncology, nano biochemical sensor and water quality monitoring system of micro environment; development of micro fluidic digital PCR technology and circulating tumor cell sorting technique based on the highly sensitive detection of circulating tumor cells in peripheral blood (109 cells per milliliter screened 1 tumor cells), very low abundance gene mutation detection sensitivity reached 0.01% (10000 wild type detected 1 gene mutations), provides technical means for early detection of lung cancer and accurate treatment, technology transfer to the enterprise successful products research and production.

 The development of a series of water quality monitoring sensor and network system, and successfully applied to the two water quality, sewage water quality, water quality on-line monitoring and early warning, at present in the Jinshan Chemical Industry Park, Songjiang sewage treatment plant, the upper reaches of the Huangpu River waters, Fengxian aquaculture base and demonstration; the development of trace heavy metals through the analyzer. It passed East China Metrology and SGS certification, small batch production and sales.

Over  "13th Five-Year" period, the laboratory mainly carry out the microfluidic chip technology product development and industrialization of the sensor of water quality detection, and model for precise medical micro nano research method and mechanism of biochemical sensing, processing technology and efficient complex sample pre detection integration technology.



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