Design and manufacture of micro-nano sensor

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  With the development of continuous progresses of MEMS micro-nano manufacturing technology, MEMS sensor widely used in aerospace, medical biochemistry, food safety and other fields. In recent years, especially with the rapid development of automobile electronic products and networking market, MEMS in different types and functions of the sensing device has the greater the demand. The research content of laboratory in this direction include: various physical quantities of MEMS sensor (such as acceleration and angular velocity of inertial sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, silicon oscillator, altimeter, strain gauge, microphone, etc.) trace gas sensor, micro flowmeter, the principle of passive micro energy harvester and space optical fiber sensors, research design and manufacturing technology.

    Micro-nano manufacturing technology as a means to achieve the MEMS sensor, which directly determines the performance and production cost of the sensor. It is a premise to sensor products and batch production. In recent years, the laboratory provides a "minimally invasive surgery" (MEMS MIS, Micro-holes Interetch and Sealing is the abbreviation and the same as minimally invasive surgery) manufacturing technology, it can realize the single wafer fabrication of 3D complex single silicon micro mechanical structure, and the production technology belongs to the single process, it can break the size restriction and processing cost relationship, which is compatible with IC Foundry standard semiconductor process with high yield and low cost. The scale of manufacturing capacity of MIS the processing technology based on the laboratory successfully developed the MEMS sensor chip, a series of different types and functions (as shown in the picture below), part of the sensor and the advanced Semiconductor, silicon core, cooperation MediaTek subsidiary units, realize the industrialization application of multiple sensors. In addition, in IEEE ED-Letter, IEEE J-MEMS, JMM, MEMS, Transducers, MEMS field of international famous academic journals and conference papers published more than 20 papers, apply for more than and 10 national invention patents and has 8 authorized patents.

    Over "13th Five-Year" period, the laboratory will combine to meet the market demand for MIS technology MEMS sensor products and technology of manufacturing batch; to further improve the MIS technology and development, applied research and extension in biochemical sensor.






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