A long line of music poetry recitation won the secondary prize in the art show

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A long line of music poetry recitation won the secondary prize in the art show

    For the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march to commemorate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Red Army, Shanghai micro -system held a "flag Yaohui boost innovation and art show in September 29th. This show to all the grass-roots party organization unit, and the display program evaluation. Each branch selected 12 wonderful programs, including chorus, poetry, songs, dance and other forms of performances which are brilliant. Eventually, the branch of" poetry "for violin music songs by micro research system won the secondary prize, poetry content obtained favorable comments from the leaders, the outstanding performance of the actors got the audience praise

   This rehearsals and performances from the organization has been a party branch secretary of the dedicated Xiaohong Ge, the new secretary Xiaoyuan Xia, chairman Ying Chen, chairman Lei Wu 's leadership and support. In order to finish the work of the organization, Our team in the new semester first launched the branch organizational life of talent recommendation and program content discussion.

   To explore all kinds of literary talents in our laboratory: a hobby of Party member Wei Xu is poetry writing, he won the 2016 Chinese college graduate poetry contest runner -up. Student Yanqing Lv has learnt to play the violin and gain qualification in the level nine. Students of Ding Jiao, Xiaoqing Cai, Qisheng have excellent Literary Foundation and they are willing to participate in the show. Student Wei Xu refers to recent ten major scientific and technological innovation, he creates the song poetry form, singing the spirit of research innovation actively enterprising and the fruitful achievements in scientific research of the micro-system.

   The program by Qisheng He and Wei Xu party members organize many rehearsals and make the reciter and soundtrack reached tacit understanding. In the show, Ding Jiao and Xiaoqing Cai students recite the focal voice sounds, emotions, gestures in place, full expression and artistic conception of poetry connotation. Students Yanqing Lv play the piano for accompaniment, it is melodious, showing the icing on the cake. The playing prepared by Qisheng He and PPT of Ying Chen further demonstrate the poetry contents and corresponding research and innovation, enrich the aspect of the show.

The music poetry recitation performances in all the audience to fully display the talent and style of the first laboratory of scientific research personnel, has won the precious honor for the laboratory. All the party members said it would closely around the Shanghai micro-system of a new round of the "135" development goals, continuous efforts, work hard, strive for achievement and harvest more.




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