Mingbin Yu

Title: Professor
Subject: Silicon Photonics 

Phone: +86-021-62511070
Fax: +86-021-62524192
Address: 865 Changning Road, Shanghai,China, 200050


YuMingbin is Professor in威尼斯9778官方网站 (SIMIT). He received AB.S. degree in physics from the Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an, China, in 1982, and his M.Eng. and Ph.D. degree in semiconductor and microelectronics from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1989 and 1995, respectively. Before he joined Shanghai Institute of Microsystem And Information Technology in March 2017. He worked in the Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore, engaged in the area of Si BEOL process development, Si nano-electronic devices and Si photonics process integration. Currently, he is working in Silicon Photonics in SIMIT.He has published more than 300 papers in journals and conferences. He His current research interests include silicon electronic-photonic devices and integrated circuit technology, TSV integration for 3D-IC application.


Mar.1977-Jan.1982, BS, First class, Applied Physics, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi'an, China.

Sep.1986-June1989, M.Eng., Semiconductor and Microelectronics, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, China.

Sep.1990-June1995, Ph.D., Semiconductor and Microelectronics, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, China.

work experience

Sep.2000-2017: Senior Scientist / Member of Technical staff                    

TSV-TF program/Nano-Photonics program/Deep Submicron Integrated Circuit Department

Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore

Nov.1998-Sep.2000: Research Fellow,School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Jan.1982-Nov.1998:Professor/ Associate Professor/ Lecture/ AssistantLecture

Department of Applied Physics, School of Science,

Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an, China.


Sep.2011: IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards 2011.

April.2011: Excellence Award 2011 of Institute of Microelectronics.(Industry Project)

Oct.2010: 2010 President's Science &Technology Award.

April.2009: Excellence Award 2009 of Institute of Microelectronics,Research Accomplishment

April.2008: Excellence Award 2008 of Institute of Microelectronics, Research Accomplishment

Sep.1998: The second class award for science and technology of the Ministry of Education.

Nov.1997: The second class award for science and technology of the Ministry of Mechanical Industry.

Oct.1997: The second class award for science and technology of Ministry of Aeronautical Industry.

Dec.1995: The third class award for science and technology. Shaanxi provincial education committee.


1. Huang, Yongjun; Wu, Jiagui; Flores, Jaime Gonzalo Flor; Yu, Mingbin; Kwong, Dim-Lee; Wen, Guangjun; Wong, Chee Wei. Synchronization in air-slot photonic crystal optomechanical oscillators. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, MAR 13, 2017

2. Luo, Xianshu; Cheng, Yuanbing; Song, Junfeng; Liow, Tsung-Yang; Wang, Qi Jie; Yu, Mingbin. Wafer-Scale Dies-Transfer Bonding Technology for Hybrid III/V-on-Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuit Application. IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, NOV-DEC , 2016

3. Huang, Shu-Wei; Yang, Jinghui; Yu, Mingbin; McGuyer, Bart H.; Kwong, Dim-Lee; Zelevinsky, Tanya; Wong, Chee Wei. A broadband chip-scale optical frequency synthesizer at 2.7 x 10(-16) relative uncertainty . SCIENCE ADVANCES, APR 2016

4. Yu, Mingbin; Yang, Yan; Fang, Qing; Tu, Xiaoguang; Song, Junfeng; Chui, King-Jien; Rusli; Lo, Guo-Qiang. 3D Electro-Optical Integration Based on High-Performance Si Photonics TSV Interposer, 2016 OPTICAL FIBER COMMUNICATIONS CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION (OFC), 2016

5. Jia, Lianxi; Zhou, Haifeng; Liow, Tsung-Yang; Song, Junfeng; Huang, Ying; Tu, Xiaoguang; Luo, Xianshu; Li, Chao; Fang, Qing; Yu, Mingbin; Lo, Guoqiang. Analysis of the polarization rotation effect in the inversely tapered spot size converter, OPTICS EXPRESS,OCT 19, 2015

6. Luan, Xingsheng; Huang, Yongjun; Li, Ying; McMillan, James F.; Zheng, Jiangjun; Huang, Shu-Wei; Hsieh, Pin-Chun; Gu, Tingyi; Wang, Di; Hati, Archita; Howe, David A.; Wen, Guangjun; Yu, Mingbin; Lo, Guoqiang; Kwong, Dim-Lee; Wong, Chee Wei. An integrated low phase noise radiation-pressure-driven optomechanical oscillator chipset, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, OCT 30,2014

7. Kocaman, S.; Aras, M. S.; Hsieh, P.; McMillan, J. F.; Biris, C. G.; Panoiu, N. C.; Yu, M. B.; Kwong, D. L.; Stein, A.; Wong, C. W., Zero phase delay in negative-refractive-index photonic crystal superlattices, NATURE PHOTONICS, AUG 2011

8. Chatterjee, R.; Panoiu, N. C.; Liu, K.; Dios, Z.; Yu, M. B.; Doan, M. T.; Kaufman, L. J.; Osgood, R. M.; Wong, C. W., Achieving subdiffraction imaging through bound surface states in negative refraction photonic crystals in the near-infrared range, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, MAY 9, 2008

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