Research on Railway Location Network

Date:09-06-2017   |   【Print】 【close

In order to overcome the backward situation in railway location information system, combined with the professional operation among the railway electric vehicles, our system can overcome the multi-size precise positioning, which is designed with the efficient energy maintenance, the mass space information storage and the service cluster. We have already developed the positioning terminals and intercom intelligent terminals which can be used in high-speed rails, ordinary locomotives, and the ordinary car types of vehicle. What’s more, with the base stations and the different types of terminals, we developed the location information operator safety management subsystem and the mobile operation management subsystem, which forms a completed, extendable, and distributed railway location information prototype system. It meets the railway-related business system customization and location-related rules. Based on the location information provided by the basic verification platform, we can provide a comprehensive information technology to provide basic and strategic support.

The research group has successfully developed a series of positioning terminal prototype and spatial information data center prototype, which are used in the Guangzhou Railway Group to deploy differential positioning and distributed wireless intercom coverage system. And our next step is to developed the demonstration system.



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