Dedicated wireless communication technology for smart grid

Date:09-06-2017   |   【Print】 【close

Due to the security, reliability, specificity requirements, it is important to build a dedicated wireless communication system in smart grid.

We have a long time to carry out research and development work in the direction of transmission line transmission, distribution automation, power-intensive ultra-dense network and so on, and have obtained the " 03 "," 863 "," Chinese Academy of Sciences pilot special "," Shanghai letter by the letter of key industrialized "," national grid technology projects "," China Southern Power Grid Science and Technology Project "and other projects to support the capture of carrier aggregation, adaptive spectrum sensing, ultra-dense access, dense ad hoc network, 230M band characteristics of the key technologies. And we gain a number of patents, soft, articles and other standard property rights.  completed the transmission line online detection dedicated wireless communication system, based on spectrum polymerization Of the 230M power dedicated broadband cellular wireless communication system, power-intensive intensive self-network system and other communication systems developed. Related results have been used in the national grid, China Southern Power Grid, Mengxi power grid widely praised by users. We won the National Grid Science and Technology Progress Award in 2015.

Since 2016, the research lab has developed the new power dedicated wireless system, which is dedicated 230M band to provide 5G ultra-dense access capabilities for smart grid dedicated wireless communications to provide a safe and efficient solution.

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