Advanced wireless communication technology

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The research department has long been focused on the future of wireless communication technology researches, which included the 3G, B3G, 4G and many other important research tasks. We have gain a series of important programs such as "863", "03 major special", "Chinese Academy of Sciences major project", "pilot special". Our researches maintain the most advanced tracking and follow the development of wireless communication technology.

With the arrival of the 5G era, our researches are also in OAM, millimeter wave communication, 5G network technology, and the ultra-dense network.

To meet the future demand growth capacity of 5G and ease the crowded situation of the traditional frequency band in the wireless communication, we want to improve the spectrum utilization that is the inevitable trend of future mobile communication development. The orbital angular momentum (OAM) is the basic physical quantity describing the state of microscopic particles in quantum mechanics. According to the principle of wave-particle duality, it has been found in recent years that the vortex electromagnetic waves generated by a series of special methods also carry orbital angular momentum. OAM electromagnetic waves have infinitely many orthogonal eigenstates, which can carry different data streams without interference and parallel transmission. In order to develop the basic attribute of electromagnetic wave in depth, the new dimension of communication multiplexing is independent of the traditional time frequency dimension, which is expected to multiply the spectrum utilization of the communication system. In the field of communication, the research on the orbital angular momentum is mainly focused on the visible frequency band. The orbital angular momentum is low frequency, broadband, miniaturization and engineering research for 5G applications. Therefore, it is necessary to study the key technologies such as waveform modulation, information loading, multi-mode multiplexing and phase correction in the microwave band orbit angular momentum communication, and then form the system design scheme suitable for 5G application.

Millimeter-wave operating frequency in the range of 30 ~ 300GHz, of which 30 ~ 100G is 5G defined frequency range, there are more abundant frequency band available, millimeter-wave communication with available bandwidth is rich in resources, high transmission rate, The main contents of this research include: (1) to study the high-speed transmission technology to adapt to the millimeter-wave frequency band, to achieve ultra-high spectral efficiency; to achieve the future of high-speed wireless transmission technology, (2) to study low-complexity, high-precision multi-mode beamforming technology to achieve multi-user rapid positioning and tracking; (3) to study the multi-band unified air-port technology to achieve multi-frequency air interface technology.


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