Wireless communication system with energy charging

Date:09-06-2017   |   【Print】 【close

With the rapid growth in the number of mobile communication devices and the rapid increase in mobile terminal network traffic, mobile users urgently require high-speed access to anytime, anywhere wireless network, which battery life performance made a very high demand. Wireless communication technology belongs to the field of communication and energy interdisciplinary, which combines the latest wireless communication technology and wireless transmission technology, starting from the nature of electromagnetic transmission, the information and energy at the same time transmission and reception, not only can solve the user information exchange Of the demand, but also can provide energy for the user, so as to get rid of power shackles and battery capacity constraints, increase equipment mobility and endurance. Wireless communication technology can be widely used in various types of mobile terminals, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical, automotive, defense and other fields, with broad market prospects.

We proposed a new system architecture for supporting high-speed information transmission and high-efficiency energy transmission and conversion, which is based on the technical challenges of high-speed wireless information transmission and high-efficiency energy utilization for wireless portable communication systems. Low-power and high efficiency rectifier antenna and other key technologies in-depth study, thereby enhancing the wireless portable communication transmission rate and energy transmission conversion efficiency.

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