Six rooms appear in the Industrial Expo: create a smart city and lead the scientific and technological pioneer

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  On the afternoon of September 23, the 20th China International Industrial Exposition, which lasted for 5 days, reached a record high in both the scale of participation and the number of professional visitors, was successfully concluded in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The Expo attracted 174000 professional visitors from home and abroad, an increase of 3.6% over the same period last year.
At this Industrial Expo, at the invitation of the Ministry of science and technology and Shenneng group, the sixth Office of Shanghai Institute of micro systems and information technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences presented the latest application research achievements in channel measurement and Internet of things.

  Shenneng group booth: smart gas solution based on narrowband Internet of things
This solution is customized for Shanghai Gas Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenneng group. The intelligent gas module of the Internet of things with independent intellectual property rights, the background cloud platform that can handle massive data, and the convenient and fast mobile app application all-round solve the problem of smart copy performance, providing the basic support required by the smart city. Shanghai Gas Group, as a public sector connecting thousands of households, through the introduction of Nb IOT technology, and based on cloud technology and big data computing, can accurately analyze many information such as industrial and residential energy consumption, providing a strong guarantee for the construction of Shanghai smart city.

  This solution is not only highly praised by domestic professional audiences, but also widely concerned by foreign manufacturers such as Russia, Japan and the United States. International experts and Wang Haowen high tech have carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges, discussed the future development trend of narrowband Internet of things, and praised the broad application prospects of the scheme in smart cities.
  Booth of the Ministry of science and technology - millimeter wave wireless channel detector

This instrument, which is at the leading international level, has attracted the attention of the military, scientific research institutes and large multinational companies. Different from the previous channel detection equipment, which can only aim at one channel at a time, it can synchronously measure the specific parameters of eight channels through the 8X8 antenna array. In addition, it can draw the model of tested channel in 2GHz bandwidth, and reproduce it for testing and research.



  During the exhibition, General Motors sent representatives to contact us to discuss the purchase. A research institute also gave a high evaluation of the product and related technologies, and proposed cooperation intention.
  The Industrial Expo is a platform for displaying advanced technology and an important window for technical cooperation and exchange. It can not only show our high-quality scientific and technological innovation ability, but also provide guidance and demonstration effect for the landing of achievements of scientific research institutes.

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