"Shanghai Hanxun" successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

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   On March 14, 2019, Shanghai Hanxun Information Technology Co., Ltd. held a bell ringing ceremony in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Deng Maicun, member of the Party group and Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wu Lebin, Secretary of the enterprise party committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chairman of Guoke holding, Lu Fangzhou, deputy secretary and head of Shanghai Jiading District Committee, Gan pin, deputy director of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Wang Xi, director of Shanghai Micro System Institute and Yu Yuehui, Secretary of the Party committee, attended the ceremony to witness this milestone.
   Shanghai Hanxun is a high-tech enterprise incubated by Shanghai microsystems. Founded in March 2006, it is mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering implementation of broadband mobile communication system and communication equipment, and provides the industry users with the overall solution of broadband mobile communication system. Shanghai Hanxun launched the listing plan after completing the joint-stock system transformation on December 12, 2016, first applied on September 21, 2017, and obtained the initial approval on February 22, 2019.
   Shanghai Hanxun technology foundation is based on the modern communication technology laid out in the knowledge innovation project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has been supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai city and other major scientific research projects, thus laying a solid development foundation for the company to undertake national tasks. In recent years, CAS's strategic pilot projects and STS projects have provided innovation impetus for the company's subsequent development. In order to maintain the market leading position and sustainable development, Shanghai Hanxun and Shanghai microsystems Institute cooperated in innovation, made full use of the scientific and technological innovation advantages of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, arranged 5g, multi-functional chip, data link and other businesses in advance, and made great efforts to promote the construction of industrial special networks such as railway location network and power wireless special network, gradually promoting the development of information technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the main battlefield facing the national economy Play an important role and contribute.
   The successful listing of Shanghai Hanxun is under the background of high integration of national science and technology and finance, It is another successful case for CAS to build a high-tech enterprise by deeply implementing the call of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China for "establishing a market-oriented technology innovation system with deep integration of industry, University and research", and combining the strength of capital with the capability of science and technology innovation of CAS. It has also opened a new chapter in the history of shanghaihanxun, and fully implemented the strategy of "Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Institute of engineering and research, and Xinwei" The advantages of the group's "Trinity" collaborative innovation system in building a "three chain integration" of innovation chain, capital chain and industrial chain.
   Based on the national innovation driven development and military civilian integration strategy, under the guidance of the "Three Orientations" and "four pioneers" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and with the support of Shanghai's construction of a global influential science and technology innovation center, Shanghai Micro System Institute and Shanghai Hanxun will continue to deepen the "three in one" collaborative innovation, lay out new business areas in advance, and carry out technical innovation and forward-looking research deployment, To lay the technical foundation of sustainable development for the company and make contribution to the realization of the "strong country dream" of scientific and technological innovation.






  Deng Maicun, member of the Party group and Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivers a speech 




  Speech by Academician Wang Xi, director of Shanghai Micro System Institute 




  Speech by Bu Zhiyong, chairman of Shanghai Hanxun 









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