Millimeter wave and terahertz solid state electronics

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Millimeter wave and THz electronic circuit and system is one of the key technologies of terahertz application, the main research contents include: (1) terahertz electronic device physics, process, module integration design and experiment; (2) Monolithic integrated circuit and its micro-system technology; (3) terahertz / millimeter-wave phased array and array imaging system; (4) advanced radio frequency identification technology.

Based on the national major needs on THz electronic device and circuit, the Key Laboratory has carried out the device module integration process and circuit research and developed materials and processes for planar structure Schottky diodes. The cutoff frequency device Schottky diode is 4.1 THz and is applied to 0.3-0.4 THz solid state active frequency chain source. Based on the THz solid state doubling chain technology, a 0.36 THz three-dimensional imaging system was developed.

The Key Laboratory undertook the 973 project of "Three-dimensional packaging technology of RF electronic system". The technology is used in THz integrated detector and won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress (The Lab is the second winning unit). The Key Laboratory independently developed SimImageTM three-dimensional human body imaging instrument and achieved the imaging of carried dangerous goods.

From March 2016, in order to meet the urgent requirements of security for Hangzhou G20 summit, the SimImageTM three-dimensional human body imaging instrument was placed in Hangzhou long-distance bus station for security check.

The Laboratory vigorously promoted the industrialization of SimImageTM human body 3D imaging system. The system was sent to the 17th, 18th China International Industry Exhibition and won the Silver Award. It is expected to mass production and put on the market in the near future.

The laboratory established a set of advanced millimeter wave / THz electronic test system and THz electronic device technology platform, providing good working conditions for scientific research work. In 2012, the book "millimeter-wave integrated circuits and its application" by Prof. Xiaowei Sun was published. The Laboratory has won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress (ranked second), the first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award (ranked second), the second prize of Shanghai Technology Invention second prize ( Ranked first) and other awards.




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