LingYun Li

Title: Professor

Subject: Millimeter wave and terahertz solid state electronics



Li ling yun, male, was born in April 1978 in shaoxing, zhejiang province. Graduated from Shanghai jiaotong electrical engineering department in 2000. He received his doctorate from Shanghai jiaotong university in 2005. Since 2005, he has participated in the institute of Microsystems and information technology of the Chinese academy of sciences.

 The research direction is the design and development of the millimeter-wave/herz single-chip integrated circuit and system. Research interests include: millimeter-wave MMIC design and testing, millimeter-wave micro radar sensor, 60GHz communication rf technology, etc. Had engaged in millimeter wave radar miniaturization technology and its application in automotive electronics, multimedia terminal system based on pulse high speed data wireless transmission system development and demonstration and so on many national 863, major projects and project research of science and technology commission of Shanghai. Twenty-eight articles have been published in China and abroad, 29 have been applied for patent and 19 have been authorized.



B.S     communication engineering,2000, Shanghai JiaoTong University, China

Ph.D    electrical engineering,2005, Shanghai JiaoTong University, China


Work Experience

research assistant, the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of micro system and

information technology,2005-2008

associate professor, the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of micro system and

information technology, 2018-2013

Professor,威尼斯9778官方网站, Chinese Academy of Sciences,2013-present


Major Honors

2007 the second prize in Shanghai technology invention

2010 the title of Shanghai youth science and technology


Selected publication

1.      “InP-based Resonant Tunneling Diode with High Peak-to-valley Current Ratio for THz Application”,Wei Wang,Hao Sun,Lingyun Li,XiaoWei Sun, The 37th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves, Wollongong, Australia(2012)

2.      “Compact LTCC-Based Identification Reader Modules with Thermal Consideration for Ku-Band Application”, Yu Ye,Liang Wu,Ling-Yun Li,Rong Qian,Xiao-Wei Sun, PIERS(2013)

3.      ” A W-Band Traveling-Wave Frequency Doubler With Output Power of 9 dBm and Power Efficiency of 11.2%”, Yu Ye,Ling-Yun Li,Rui Tong,Xiao-Wei Sun, MWCL IEEE LETTER 2014 Vol.24 No.10 pp.704-706(2014)

4.      ” A Full-360? Vector-Sum Phase Shifter with Low RMS Phase and Gain Errors for 60GHz 5-Bit  Application”, Yu Ye,Ling-Yun Li,Rui Tong,Xiao-Wei Sun, EuMIC(2014)

5.      “A Novel InP Based Planar PIN Diode”, Hao Sun, Lingyun Li, Qilian Zhang, Huifeng Ding,Likun Ai, Rui Tong, Rong Qian, and Xiao-Wei Sun, PIERS (2015)

6.       “Analysis of Substrate-defected Coplanar Waveguide of EBG”, Lingyun Li,Tianyu Pen,Hao Sun,Wenchao Min Rong Qian,Xiao-Wei Sun, PIERS (2015)

7.      “Design of 77 GHz half-shorted horn antenna with metamaterial lens”, Huang Bin,Li Ling-yun, Sun Hao,etc.MICROWAVE AND OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY LETTERS,Vol.59, Iss. 7,1755-1759(2017)

8.      "A Novel Tunable True Time Delay Line Based on Distributed Schottky" ,Lingyun Li, Tianyu Pen, Hao Sun, and Rui Tong, Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium, (2017)

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