Research Associate

Rong Qian

Title: Senior Engineer

Subject: Millimeter wave and terahertz solid state electronics



Qian Rong, female, born in May 1968, graduated from Shanghai college of science and technology of semiconductor device and process engineering, in November 1991, Shanghai micro system in Chinese academy of sciences, long engaged in microwave monolithic integrated circuit in testing, module integrated packaging processing technology research, and project budget and final accounts of work. Responsible for multiple projects testing and assembly work.



semiconductor device and process engineering1989Shanghai college of science and technologyChina


Work Experience

Senior Engineer,the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of micro system and information technology,At present


Major Honors

2012  the second prize of national scientific and technological progress (no. 10)

2011  Shanghai science and technology progress award (no.11)

2007  the second prize of Shanghai science and technology progress (no. 4)


Selected Publications

1.      “An Development on W-Band Output Power Accurate Controlled High Power Solid-state Signal Source for 0.3THz-0.4THz Imaging Application”, liang wu, jiangxia LiRong Qian, Xiao-Wei Sun, The 37th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves, Wollongong, Australia(2012)

2.      “Design Of Substrate Integrated Waveguide (Siw) Elliptic Filter With Novel Coupling Scheme”,

3.      liang wu,wei shengRong Qian,Rui Tong, Xiao-Wei Sun, "JEWA(2012)

4.      “Frequency Response Enhancement of Spiral Inductor’s Q-Factor by Adopting Defected Ground Structure in Standard CMOS Process”, yu yeliang wuLingyun LiRong Qian, Xiao-Wei Sun, PIERS(2013)

5.      “Compact Substrate Integrated Waveguide Transversal  Filter with Mixed Source-Load” Peng-fei Sun, Wei Shen,Liang Wu, Rong Qian, Xiao-Wei Sun,Coupling Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications Vol.30 No.2 pp.167-174(2015)

6.      “A Novel InP Based Planar PIN Diode”, Hao Sun, Lingyun Li, Qilian Zhang, Huifeng Ding,Likun Ai, Rui Tong, Rong Qian, and Xiao-Wei Sun, PIERS (2015)

7.      “Analysis of Substrate-defected Coplanar Waveguide of EBG”, Lingyun Li,Tianyu Pen,Hao Sun,Wenchao Min Rong Qian,Xiao-Wei Sun, PIERS (2015)

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