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Tao Hu

Title: Associate Professor
Superconducting properties and materials

Phone: +86-021-62511070
Email: thu
Address: 865 Changning Road, Shanghai,China, 200050






Sept.2003-Aug. 2009      Ph. D. in Condensed Matter Physics, Kent State University, USA                       

                                        Thesis:  The interplay between magnetism and superconductivity in strongly correlated material

                                        Advisor:  Prof. Carmen Almasan

 Sept.1998-Aug.2001      M. S. in Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

                                        Thesis:   The Impact of Cr Doping on Jc Behavior of Bi2223/Ag Tapes under  Magnetic Field

                                         Advisor:  Prof. Jiaju Du

Sept. 1993-Aug.1997      B. S. in Materials Science, Hubei University, Wuhan, China


June.2012-present威尼斯9778官方网站 (SIMIT), China

l  Grapheh/single unit cell Bi2212 heterostructure

l  The fluctuation phenomenon in pseudogap phase of cuprates

l  The quantum criticalality in superconducting nano-islands/graphehe strucuture


Sept.2010- May.2012   Physics Department, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA

                                      Physics Department, Kent State University, Kent, OH, USA

                                Electronic and magnetic phenomena in transition metal oxides

                                       l  Iron-based high temperature superconductor

                                      Study the gap symmetry by torque measurements

                                      →Study magnetic properties under pressure


l  Heavy fermion Ce1-xYbxCoIn5

                                       →Study valence fluctuation in Ce1-xYbxCoIn5 by hall effect


l  Bi2201 cuprate superconductor

                                         →Study superconductivity above Tc in underdoped Bi2201


Sept.2009-Aug.2010       Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Crete, Greece

                                        Nickelate La3Ni2O6 and La4Ni3O8, Isoelectronic with superconducting cuprates

                                        →Study magnetic and electronic transport properties


                                       Iron-based high Tc superconductor CaFe2As2

                                       →Investigate the low energy spin dynamics in CaFe2As2


Sept.2003-Aug. 2009     Physics Department, Kent State University, Kent, OH, USA

                                       La0.7Ca0.3MnO3/YBa2Cu3O7-δ (LCMO/YBCO) heterostructur

                                       →Study the abnormal proximity effect in LCMO/YBCO interface and find it is due to induced triplet superconductivity

                                       arising  in LCMO layer.                           

→Study superconducting surface spin valve in LCMO/YBCO trilayer.


                                        Heavy fermion superconductor CeCoIn5

→Investigate the strongly magnetic fluctuation in the mixed state in CeCoIn5 near quantum critical point.

→Study the electrical transport properties of CeCoIn5 in normal state and two scaling behaviors were identified in the low-field region. These scaling behaviors and other salient features are consistent with d-wave density waves.

Sept.1999-Aug.2001   Institute of Solid State Physics, Hefei, China

        Sample preparation, structural characterization and physical property studies of Bi2223/Ag tape.

Improve critical current (Jc) behavior under magnetic field in Bi1.8Pb0.4Sr2Ca2.2Cu3-xCrxOy/Ag Tapes



NSFC11574338:  the study of quantum phase transition and quantum criticality in the two dimensional strongly correlated superconductors


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6.    T. Hu, H. Xiao, P. Gyawali, H. H. Wen, and C. C. Almasan, “Superconductivity in the pseudogap  region of Bi2Sr1.4La0.6CuO6+δ  from angular-dependent torque measurements”, Phys. Rev. B 85, 134516 (2012).


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