Fully automatic 3D technology and its application

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Our team has long-term technical accumulation in the binocular stereo video shooting. We also have a profound theoretical basis and practical experience in the human visual physiology, image processing and robot control. We have a close business cooperation with CCTV, Shanghai TV, etc., and get a wealth of work experience in large-scale sports competitions, stage studios and other scenes of the 3D shooting. Based on the bionic eye control theory, we developed the world's only professional 3D camera system with automatic geometric error correction and achieve industrial applications.A vertical 3D shooting system named BinoQ-P4 won the 2013 Beijing International Television Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV ) product. 3D photography system has the following characteristics:

(1) automatic: The complex 3D camera lens correction can be automatically completed in a short time. The self-developed 3D bracket only needs 1 minute for automatic initial settings to get real-time adjustment during shooting, when every time you replace the camera or shooting location.

(2) low cost: In addition to the necessary equipment, the cost of shooting 3D and 2D are basically the same, without additional 3D related personnel.

(3) simple operation: 2D photographer can directly capture 3D images without training, since the parallax and baseline length can be adjusted automatically.

In addition, our team developed a digital 3D intelligent micro-systemwhich achieves real-time baseline adjustment and meets the needs of users in AR-function for the first time in the world. Based on the bionic binocular vision technology, our team design a bionic binocular intelligent robot development platform, with visual systems and mobile platform which won the Innovation Award in the 17th China International Industry Fair in 2015.






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