BVSL (organizing) hosted the Oriental Science and Technology Forum "Intelligent Perception" Youth Scholars Forum successfully

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        September 19, 2017, Bionic Vision System Laboratory BVSL, Shanghai Institute of Micro system and Information TechnologySIMIThosted the "intelligent perception" young scholar forum of Oriental Science and Technology Forum series in Shanghai Huxing library successfully.

        The forum’s President  is academician  Wang Xi, Top leader of SIMIT,  executive chairman is Zhang Xiaolin, BVSL director . Those who attended this forumProfessor Yu Jingyi, Director of Virtual Reality and Visual Computing Center, University of Science and Technology Information Center. Professor Cheng Jiangong. Shanghai Jiaotong University Distinguished Professor Shen Hongbin and other experts and scholars. In additionWang Haikun,  from IFLYTEK CO.,LTD.  Yang Dongdong ,from Shanghai Eyevolution and other corporate elite also attended the forum.

        The experts discussed the topics , focusing on the topics such as brain bionic visual technology, 3D reconstruction, visual semantic understanding, auditory information processing and sound source localization, and brain multi-modal fusion. Wang Haikun and Zhang Xiaolin researchers are trying to achieve visual and auditory integration, Other experts have expressed support and expectations.  Professor Cheng Jiangong, focusing on robot olfactory study,  said, the gas sensor in the TNT detection based on the organic semiconductor fluorescence effect has made great success, and claimed it is more sensitive than the trained sniffing dogs, and put forward if we can achieve visual, Hearing, smell and other cross-mode fusion in the future, which will be a major advance in the field of artificial intelligence. Of course, there are also profound analysis on the status from the enterprise experts , hoping to work together to complete this challenging scientific issues.

        The forum is nearing the endthe experts conducted a round-table discussion,  to sum up the Chinese and Shanghai robot intelligence perception about how to play their own strengths, to create cross-disciplinary cooperation and exchange, and jointly promote the robot visual perception technology and brain-like multi-mode fusion Development, and work together to further enhance our country strength in the field of neuroscience research. 








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