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Recruiting for CAS SIMIT 100-people project
2009-10-16 | A A A  【print】【close

A. Recruitment requirements

1. Position: Researcher for 100-people project

2. Job responsibilities and requirements

Job responsibilities

1) Lead the team on the B3G/4G technology R&D

2) Understand the development direction of wireless communication technology and provide decision bases for the product technology evolutions.


1) PhD on communication

2) 5+ years of related work experience

3) Strong research abilities, good coordination, communication and team building capabilities. Be able to work under stresses.

3. Number of Vacancies: 2

Employment from abroad must be compliant with the conditions on introducing outstanding talents from abroad listed in the “CAS management regulations on introducing outstanding talents from abroad”, i.e. people who applies to “the introducing outstanding talents from abroad” program must be compliant with following conditions:

1. Have PhD degree

2. With 4+ research experience consecutively abroad after getting the PhD degree, and normally with assistant profession or other titles of equivalent level.

3. Independent leader or major participant of the whole subject (project) research and obtaining outstanding achievements.

4. Have certain influences in the academic field inside and outside China. Understand the development direction of the subject. Have long-term strategic concept. Have the ability to lead a team to reach international innovative result on the international research frontier.

5. Have profound academic knowledge in the field and achieve research results of international level. Published more than 3 influential papers in core publications and collected or quoted by SCI or EI. Or own important invention (patent) and understand the key technology that can influence the industrialisation of high technology in the subject.

6. Devoted to the technology development and economic construction of China with local experience and international vision.



Please send your detailed CV to hua.lu@shrcwc.org,qin.chen@shrcwc.org (note the position and research direction) and provide following materials:

1. Fill in “CAS ‘100-People Project’ Candidate Recommendation Form” (Download from错误!超链接引用无效。)

2. Copies of your diploma, degree certificate, professional title or position certificate, award certificates, etc.

3. Recommendation letter from 2 well-known experts in the field.

4. Content of the published papers and the quotation search proof

5. Copies of 1-3 representative papers.

6. Other relevant materials that can display individual research level and important achievements.

Contact: Lu Hua, Chen Qin, Phone: 021-61280608*62806281 Fax: 021-61280638

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