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Id Names the Origination Holding Posts Position Time
1 Xi Wang Bohmische Scientific Members member of review panel Jan. 2004-Dec. 2008
2 Xi Wang Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology member of review panel Jan. 2006-Dec. 2008
4 Jie Shen Information technology technical member Nov. 2008-today
5 Tao Xing Information technology technical member Nov. 2008-today
6 Tao Xing Study Group for Sensor Network convener Nov. 2008-today
7 Zhigang Zhou Information technology technical member Jan. 2008-Dec. 2010
8 Xi Wang Ion Beam Modification of Materials technical member Jan. 2006-today
9 Aizhen Li International Advisory Committee of Molecular Beam Epitaxy technical member Jan. 2006-Dec. 2008
10 Songlin Feng Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council technical member Jan. 2006-Dec. 2009
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