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www.9778.com-威尼斯9778官方网站 (SIMIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is a national research institution with long history and glorious traditions. Since the founding of the National Research Institute of Engineering in 1928, our scientists of the older generation represented by Director Zhou Ren have made outstanding contributions to the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, as well as the scientific achievements of the new China as well as laid a solid material foundation and constituted an abundant spiritual legacy for today’s SIMIT, through their persistent and arduous pursue of science, with the aspiration of saving the nation with science and industry,

For over eighty years, SIMIT marched with China into modern science and technology, in which period it has changed in research field, name of institution and workplace for several times. Starting from the research on mental, ceramics, and iron and steel in 1950s, to ultra-pure metal, magnetic and superconducting material, semiconductor functional materials and parts, and integrated circuit, etc. in 1960s, it gradually formed three great research fields, namely microelectronics, functional materials and parts, metallic corrosion protection in 1980s. Since the initiation of knowledge innovation project by the CAS in 1998, SIMIT has further streamlined its sci-tech goals and adjusted the research fields to two key subjects, namely “Electronics Science and Technology and Information and Communication Engineering”, and nailed down development strategy that “systems promote parts and parts promote materials”. We have been working towards constant exploration and innovation through reforms and adjustment for decades, while clinging to one single major track - paying close attentions to strategies and the economic development needs of the nation, under which guideline, SIMIT has achieved significantly in metallurgy and ceramics, metallic corrosion protection, semiconductor materials and parts, integrated circuit, micro-satellite, and information and communication, etc. SIMIT has not only made a series of outstanding scientific and technological achievements such as “Type A Separating Film Manufacturing Technology”, “High-speed and Ultrahigh-speed Bipolar Integrated Circuit”, “High-end Silicon-based SOI Material R&D and Industrialization”, and “semiconductor transmission”, etc., but also made significant contributions to the nation’s “micro-satellite”, Sichuan sci-tech quake relief, environmental monitoring for the Olympic Games, and urban public security, etc. that are closely interrelated with national economic construction, national security and social progress.

Through consistent knowledge innovation for 10 years, we have realized that only by persistently centering on national strategic needs and closely combining the future of the research institute and the fate of our sci-techs with national development and social progress for continued exploration and innovation, can we be constantly vital in innovation, and further demonstrate our commission to rejuvenating the nation with science and technology and making innovations for our people.

Despite all the achievements in the past and all the challenges ahead, we are determined to start from today and work towards new achievements. The knowledge economy nowadays is getting its day while science and technology are also undergoing an unprecedented and profound reform, focusing on how to better combine science and technology harmoniously with the development of the human society, so as to drive the social progress, national security, and economic construction. Along this direction, we will stick to the principle of scientific development, insist on the tradition of “unity, efficiency, prudence, and innovation” of our institute, and aim at national economic development, national defense construction and key local needs. We will hold on to the development strategy of “systems promote parts and parts promote materials” to promote the independent innovation of China through our innovative and original research on micro-satellite, wireless sensor network, and future mobile communication contribute to national strategies and regional economic and social development, and to endeavor to enable the SIMIT to become an irreplaceable, innovative, open, and first-class hi-tech research institute in the fields of micro-satellite, wireless sensor network, micro-system, mobile communication, and relevant materials and parts. 

                                                                                      President: Researher Xi Wang

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