Chinese Academy of Sciences, Metallurgy and Ceramic, Scientist

Zhou Ren, Metallurgist and Ceramist, was born in Jiangning, Jiangsu Province, China. He graduated from Jiangnan Institute of Education in 1910 , and received his M.S. degree from Cornell University, U.S.A. in 1915. He was the director and research professor of the Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He was one of the pioneers in electric furnace process in China. In 1929, under his guidance, a three-phase arc furnace was set up where stainless steel, manganese steel and speed steel were successfully made. During the war of Resistance Against Japan, he was in charge of setting up the the Chinese Electric Steelmaking Works in Kunming, and was the general manager and concurrent chief engineer of the works where steel wire rope was used in salt well for the lifting of bittern as well as the production of some other alloy steels. He was the first that succeed in the research and application of nodular cast iron in the early 1950s. 

Afterwards he set up an experimental blast furnace and carried out explorative research on smelting and utilization of the iron ore containing rare-earth and fluoride in Baotou and the iron ore containing vanadium titanium magnetite in Panzihua. His reliable experimental results and groundbreaking theoretical analysis provided a scientific basis for the development of blast furnace smelting technology of the above two ores. He also published a lot of papers and enthusiastically promoted the investigation and improvement of national ceramics.


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