Aiming for the strategic goals of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan and executing the Team Building Planning, we have made macro adjustments at the institute level and micro tuning at the laboratory levels for talent hiring and growth.


Throughout the years, we have built a team with members who are highly educated and high achievers in their respective fields. Here is a short list of people who passed the rigorous review process of talent selection programs:

CAS Academicians: 2

US Academy of Science Foreign Fellow: 1

The national “Million Talent Project” talents: 5

The “National Outstanding Young Science Fund” winners: 4

The “National Excellent Young Science Fund” winner: 1

The “National Fund Commission for Innovation” group winner: 1

The national “Thousand Talent Plan” talents: 7

The national “Thousand Young Talent Plan” talents: 2

The “10K Talent Plan” youth top talent: 1

The Bureau of Foreign Experts-CAS  Innovation Group: 1

The CAS “Hundred Talent Plan” talents: 21

The Leaders of Science and Technology in Shanghai: 9


By the end of December 2016, the Institute has 1,308 full-time faculty and staff members. Among them, there are 635 full-time employees (225 high level technician including 93 professors and 132 associate professors, and 552 staffs actively participating in managing and researching), 634 graduate students (including those from joint programs), and 39 post-doctoral researchers.

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