The 1st workshop, April 25-31, 2008

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The workshop is evaluated by the delegation from SIMIT as well as from FZJ as being successful.

Topics for future cooperation between FZ- Jülich and SIMIT,CAS to be reviewed next year in Shanghai at a workshop likely with additional institutes of the CAS are as follows:


1. SOI and high k materials and characterisations

Prof. Dr. S. Mantl (

Dr. Qing-Tai Zhao,

Prof. Dr. Yu Yuehui,


2. Terahertz devices

Prof. Dr. Feng,

Prof. Dr.  D. Grützmacher:


3. Bioimaging with LF MRI; HTS SQUID with intrinsic  JJ

Dr. H-J. Krause,

Prof. Dr.  Xiaoming Xie,


4. Microfluidic electrophoresis with electric data readout

Dr. J.Krause, Professor Yi. Zhang ,     

Prof. Dr.Qinghui Jin, Prof. Dr. Jianlong Zhao,,  jlzhao@


5. Cell culture micro system with MEA chip 

Dr. Dirk Mayer ( 

Prof. Dr.Qinghui Jin, Prof. Dr. Jianlong Zhao,,


6. Charge transport through nanostructured phasechange media with multi probe techniques

Prof. Dr. Zhitang Song  (

B. Voigtlaender (


7. Exchange of students 

Prof. Dr. Yu Yuehui,

Mr. Lincks,


Possible areas of future collaboration were identified in the following research areas:


1. Spintronic devices

Prof Schneider, Th. Schaepers, Dr. Xiaoming Xie,


2. Fuel cells

Dr. Emonts, Prof. Hui Yang,


3. Non-volatile RAM

Prof. Zhitang Song  (  

Dr. C. Kuegeler


Juelich 27.03.2008


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