The 3rd workshop,2011

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The 3rd Sino-German Workshop of Cooperation was held on 16 September 2011 in Jülich with a total of 20 participants. The workshop was focused on Superconductivity and Bioelectronics. It comprised three sessions, one on applications of superconductivity in the fields of biomedicine and quantum communications, one on nuclear magnetic resonance and one on SQUID and its readout electronics. Prof. Robert McDermott was invited as a renowned international guest speaker and gave a talk on surface magnetism in dc SQUIDs. Dr. Michael Mück from the University of Giessen also participated as an external guest. Twelve scientific talks were given, followed by extensive scientific discussions on the topics and on the planned future work. After the talks, the participants had the opportunity to see the experimental set-ups and discuss with the scientists during a lab tour. The workshop was concluded by a joint conference dinner in the small city of Jülich.

The workshop was organized as an informal meeting of the scientists from Jülich and Shanghai on the working level. It was focused on the details of the scientific and technical progress and the ensuing experimental challenges. The participants had plenty of opportunities to do on-site technical discussions and to exchange their knowledge and experience.


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