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The cooperation on superconductivity between Jülich and SIMIT was originated from the project of SQUID based Ultra-low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The major aim of the superconductivity collaboration is to sustain and enhance the performance on superconductivity based bio-imaging techniques including ultra-low field magnetic resonance and imaging (ULF-MRI), and magnetic nanoparticle (MNP) detection and imaging.

During the cooperation, a novel type of SQUID/electronics named as SQUID bootstrap circuit was jointly worked out by scientists from both sides. Ever since the development of the novel SQUID, 36 joint papers were published and 1 international patent was documented In the past ten years, the two partners had jointly educated 6 PhD students, among whom 2 stayed at SIMIT, continue working on superconductivity, and 1 received the CAS president award.




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