Quantum Materials-SOI

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For more than 30 years, SOI materials and device have been important research directions in-SIMIT. To meet the “More than Moore” demands for future technology, advanced devices such as high-mobility transistor, quantum-well-MOSEFT and TFET based on SOI substrate have become promising candidates. The cooperation on SOI material and device between SIMIT and Jülich has lasted about 10 years. With state of the art research tools, a group of young researchers from SIMIT carried out their work in Jülich to improve the SOI technologies. Representative results have been published in top international journals such as IEEE TED, IEEE EDL and APL, etc. In the past ten years, there are 6 exchange PhD students and scholars between Jülich and SIMIT.

The list of exchange students and scholars

Wenjie Yu   

Bo Zhang   

Dawei Xu   

Linjie Liu    

Chang Liu  

Anran Gao  

The list of representative papers:

[1] Wenjie Yu, Wangran Wu, Bo Zhang, Chang Liu, Jiabao Sun, Dongyuan Zhai,Yuehui Yu, Xi Wang, Yi Shi, Yi Zhao and Qing-Tai Zhao, Experimental Investigation on Alloy Scattering in sSi/Si0.5Ge0.5/sSOI Quantum-Well p-MOSFET, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, VOL. 61, NO. 4, APRIL 2014.

[2] W. Yu, B. Zhang, Q.T. Zhao, D. Buca, J.-M. Hartmann, R. Lupták, G. Mussler, A. Fox, K. K. Bourdelle, X. Wang and S. Mantl. Hole mobility of Si/Si0.5Ge0.5 quantum-well transistor on SOI and strained SOI. IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol.33, NO.6, June 2012, 758-760.

[3] B. Zhang, W. Yu, Q.T Zhao, G. Mussler, L. Jin, D. Buca, B. Holl?nder, M. Zhang, X. Wang and S. Mantl. Epitaxial growth of Ni(Al)Si0.7Ge0.3 on Si0.7Ge0.3/Si(100) by Al interlayer mediated epitaxy. Appl. Phys. Lett.

[4] Linjie Liu, Lei Jin, Lars Knoll, Stephan Wirths, Alexander Nichau, Dan Buca, Gregor Mussler, Bernhard Holl?nder,Dawei Xu, Zeng Feng Di, Miao Zhang, Qing-Tai Zhao, and Siegfried Mantl. Ultrathin highly uniform Ni(Al) germanosilicide layer with modulated B8 type Ni5(SiGe)3 phase formed on strained Si1?xGexlayers. Appl. Phys. Lett.

[5] Chang Liu, Stefan Glass, Gia Vinh Luong, Keyvan Narimani, Qinghua Han, Andreas T. Tiedemann, Alfred Fox, Wenjie Yu, Xi Wang, Siegfried Mantl and Qing-Tai Zhao, Experimental Investigation of C-V Characteristics of Si Tunnel FETs. IEEE Electron Device Letters, 2017, 38(6): 818-821.

[6] Chang Liu, Qinghua Han, Stefan Glass, Gia Vinh Luong, Keyvan Narimani, Andreas T. Tiedemann, Alfred Fox, Wenjie Yu, Xi Wang, Siegfried Mantl and Qing-Tai Zhao, Experimental I-V(T) and C-V Analysis of Si Planar p-TFETs on Ultrathin Body. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 2016, 63(12): 5036-5040.


Fig.1 High-mobility quantum well transistor




Fig.2 An epitaxial Ni(Al)SiGe layer with an atomically flat interface to the SiGe



Fig.3 Tunneling Field-Effect-Transistor


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