Delegation from Helmholtz Association visited SIMIT

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On October 20, 2016 the Helmholtz Association delegation led by president, prof. Otmar Wiestle as well as several directors visited SIMIT. Prof. ZHU Zhiyuan, president of CAS-Shanghai, HU Mu, director of International Cooperation Department of Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, prof. WANG Xi, director of SIMIT attended the meeting.

Prof. WANG Xi and prof. Otmar Wiestler introduced the research and cooperation of SIMIT and Helmholtz Association respectively. Scientist from both sides discussed topics of material science, information technology, new energy and research platform.

Prof. ZHU Zhiyuan signed Third Strategic Cooperation Agreement with prof. Wolfgang Marquard, both two sides will focus on the cooperation in superconducting, sensing, bioelectronics, quantum information, energy and environment through joint laboratory, shared facilities, academic symposium and personnel exchange.

Helmholtz Association is the largest national scientific research power in German, with 18 national laboratories, over 4,000 staffs and 4 billion annual research expenses. Aiming at mid and long term national mission, it provides technical support for the national economy, and has a similar system as Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The cooperation began in 2006 on the base of visiting and projects. SIMIT has built joint laboratories with Juelich Research Center on superconducting, bioelectronics and quantum materials. In 2015, “virtual joint research institute of functional materials and electronics”. During the past 10 years, 6 cooperation workshops, over 30 joint students as well as over 50 papers were generated. Deputy Director of SIMIT YU Yuehui won the “Helmholtz International Fellow Award”. Prof. ZHANG Yi from PG-8 won the Shanghai International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.

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