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The 6th Sino-German Workshop of Cooperation was held successfully in威尼斯9778官方网站 on 22nd and 23rd October. The Workshop was organized by威尼斯9778官方网站 (SIMIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences and German Forschungszentrum JUELICH Research Center (FZ-Juelich). More than 70 experts, scholars and graduate students from PGI-8, PGI-9, IEK-5 institute of FZ-Juelich and SIMIT took part in this workshop.

Prof. Yu Yuehui, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee, Secretary of Commission hosted the opening ceremony. Prof. Wang Xi, the academic of Chinese Academic of Sciences, SIMIT director gave the opening address to the Sino-German Workshop, warmly welcoming the participants and introducing the development process of SIMIT generally. Prof. Xie Xiaoming, the “Superconductivity” session chairman reviewed the progress and achievement of previous Sino-German cooperation and proposed the prospect of profound cooperation and communication between Chinese and Germany in the future.

The Workshop contains four sessions, which are “Superconductivity”, “Bioelectronics”, “Quantum Materials” and “Photovoltaics”. 46 abstracts were submitted, 45 academic reports were presented, and participants have the good  extending academic communication and discussion during the workshop. The workshop of cooperation provided a great interactive platform for young backbones of scientific research and graduate students from Chinese and Germany.

Second day, Prof. Wang Xi, the academic of Chinese Academic of Sciences, SIMIT director and Prof. Sebastian Schmidt, Vise-chairman of FZ-Juelich Research Center together signed the cooperation agreement for “VIRTUAL JOINT RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS AND ELECTRONICS”. In addition, Prof. Wang Xi issued the letters of appointment of SIMI Honored Professor to Prof. Sebastian Schmidt and Prof. Andreas Offenhaeusser. Sino-German steering committee members determined the content of the framework agreement on four cooperation subjects, and planed a series of cooperation, such as visit of scientists, exchange of students, sharing of research facilities, etc., in order to promote the development of joint research institute and promote the next step cooperation. The signature for the Sino-German joint research institute, lays a solid foundation in energy, health and other aspects of scientific exchanges and cooperation between SIMIT and FZ-Juelich.


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