Shanghai International Science and Technoloy Award

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April 8, 2014 the Juelich Research Center delegation led by Prof. Sebastian Schmidt visited SIMIT. Prof. JIANG Miangheng discussed the cooperation progress with the Germany delegation, and awarded prof. ZHANG Yi (Peter-Grunberg) the Shanghai International Science and Technology Cooperation Award. 

Prof. Detlev Grutzmacher, Director of PGI-9 signed the agreement on quantum material joint laboratory with prof. YU Yuehui. Prof. Andreas Offenhaeusser delivered a report Towards a Virtual Joint Research Institute. 

Up to now, the two partners have organized five workshops, cultivated jointed nine Ph.D. students, among whom 3 stayed at SIMIT, continue working on superconductivity, and 1 received the CAS president award as well as 24 joint papers and 1 international patent was documented. The cooperation contributed to the fast developing of superconducting electronics research in SIMIT, helped in the building our reputation in the world. For those achievements, prof. YU Yuehui became one of the 13 winners of the “Helmholtz International Fellow Award”, prof. ZHANG Yi won the Shanghai International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.




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