• 08-09-2017

    Boeing Visit Shanghai Institute of Mircrosystem and Information Technology (CAS)

    Led by vice president of Chinese research and develop section Al Bryant, vice-group leader of Boeing research and develop section Patrick J. Stokes, program manager Michael S. Foster together with another two representatives visited Shanghai Institute of Mircrosystem and Information Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIMIT) from December 9th to 10th.The purpose of this visit is to impetus the “Memorandum of understanding between CAS and Boeing” signed by vice president Jiang Mianheng and CTO & Senior Vice president John J. Tracy, and to look for substantial cooperation. [ Learn more ]

  • 08-09-2017

    Sino-German cooperation makes big progress on“Novel SQUID/electronics”

    Recently, high leaders of www.9778.com-威尼斯9778官方网站 (SIMIT) and scientists from SIMIT and Research Center Juelich, Germany, celebrated their encouraging results of cooperation. [ Learn more ]

  • 08-09-2017

    WGSN 3rd Plenary Session was Held in Wuxi

    WGSN 3rd plenary session was held in Wuxi Millennium Hotel during Oct. 27-30, 2009. Tan Xueming, the Vice Mayor of Wuxi City, Zhao Bo, the Deputy Director of MIIT’s (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) Electronics & Information Division, and Tian Jing, the director of Bureau of High-Tech Research and Development Chinese Academy of Sciences all attended this meeting and delivered a speech. [ Learn more ]

  • 08-09-2017

    The international conference “SQUID and its applications”was held

    The Applied Superconductivity Research branch of The State Key Laboratory of Functional Materials for Informatics held international conference “SQUID and its applications” on 16-17th Oct. 2009. Professor from Germany, Denmark, Japan, Korea, India, and some of the stuff of Applied Superconductivity Research branch, more then 30 person attended the meeting. [ Learn more ]

  • 08-09-2017

    French delegation leaded from CEA-LETI visited SIMIT

    In Shanghai Branch CAS, President Songlin Feng of SIMIT met the French delegation leaded by Dr. L. Hérault, the Director of Strategic Telecommunications Program from LETI, CEA on 16th Oct. 2009. The French delegation also included the research expert Dr. D. Noguet from LETI, Mr. D. Murat from French Embassy, and the industry representative Mr. S. Bernard from STMicreoelectronics. Both sides had a good exchange on the development of future green wireless communication network technology and held the positive view of the S&T strategic collaboration outlook in the field of wireless communication technology.[ Learn more ]

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