SIMIT Professor Matthias Wuttig receives the Chinese Academy of Sciences top award “Einstein Professorship” in 2009

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Dr. Matthias Wuttig, who is the visiting professor of威尼斯9778官方网站, wins the Einstein Professorship of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2009.

Professor Matthias Wuttig, currently is full Professor for Physics of New Materials, I. Institute of Physics and Dean of Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences, RWTH University of Technology Aachen, Germany. His research interests include understanding and design of materials that are suitable for non-volatile memory applications based on phase change technology, organic films that can be applied in the field of opto-electronics, e.g. organic LEDs, and physical processes involved in sputter deposition techniques. Professor Dr. M. Wuttig’s research has been widely recognized and published in prestigious journals including Nature Materials. He has served as conference chair and committee member for several conferences, e.g. MRS and E*PCOS. In 2007, Professor Dr. M. Wuttig was awarded Stanford R. Ovshinsky Prize.

The CAS launched the Einstein Professorship for financing about 20 global leading scientists to deliver speeches and hold discussions for about two weeks in China. Candidates might be among Nobel laureates and other top science prize winners in maths, computing science and environment.

This great award strengthens international cooperation and exchange in the field of science and technology of SIMIT. With the ever-increasing global scientific and technological exchanges and international cooperation with Prof. Wuttig and RWTH University of Technology Aachen in the research of phase-change materials and PCRAM chip, SIMIT would continue to take the leadership and make more achievement in this field.

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