Boeing Visit Shanghai Institute of Mircrosystem and Information Technology (CAS)

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Led by vice president of Chinese research and develop section Al Bryant, vice-group leader of Boeing research and develop section Patrick J. Stokes, program manager Michael S. Foster together with another two representatives visited Shanghai Institute of Mircrosystem and Information Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIMIT) from December 9th to 10th.The purpose of this visit is to impetus the “Memorandum of understanding between CAS and Boeing” signed by vice president Jiang Mianheng and CTO & Senior Vice president John J. Tracy, and to look for substantial cooperation.

The conference was held by the Director of SIMIT Feng Songlin, Director assistant YU Yuehui, Doctor XIAO Bo, GE Xiaoguang, XIONG Yong, XU Jing and deputy director of Sixth Key Laboratory? Prof. WANG Ping attended the conference. Doctor XIAO Bo made an overall introduction of the sensor net technology and its successful application in the anti-intrusion system of Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Senior engineer GE Xiaoguang and?Prof. WANG Ping introduced the research work in the developing wireless communication technology field. The representatives of Boeing expressed admiration for the long history, technology accumulation and research achievements. They also showed strong interests in the possibility of the application of the wireless communication technology in the manufacture and maintenance of the aircraft. Both two sides made profound discussion and communication concerning on the application of the wireless communication under special circumstances.

Both two sides have known each other more through this visit and initially confirmed the important cooperation field and intensions of cooperation. Boeing company said they will spear no efforts to promote the technology cooperation with CAS.

The representatives of Boeing company also visited the history exhibition room of SIMIT companied by Director assistant YUYuehui. 


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