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In 3rd of March, recipient of the Einstein Professorship of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Anthony J. Leggett visited Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Infromation Technology (SIMIT), CAS. Dr. Leggett is one of the Nobel Prize winners in Physics in 2003, and currently the John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(UIUC), USA. He gave a lecture with the title “Cuprates without a model” in the institute and discussed with researchers and graduate students regarding to the mechanism of high temperature superconductivity as well as new superconducting materials.

After the lecture, Prof. Leggett visited superconductivity applications group, and raised a few valuable ideas and suggestions to the directions of superconductivity researches in the institute. Also he discussed the possible collaboration in the future.

The Einstein Professorship Program is a key initiative of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Einstein Professorship will be awarded each year to 20 distinguished international scientists actively working at the frontiers of science and technology, for conducting lecture-tours to China. The goal of the program is to strengthen science and technology links, cooperation and exchange between CAS scientists and respective Einstein Professors and their laboratories as well as enhance the training of future generations of scientists in China.

  Academic Lecture (Picture by GENG Haiyang)

  President JIANG Mianheng meeting with Dr. Leggett (Picture by SUN dongxu)

  Academician WANG Xi holding the lecture (Picture by GENG Haiyang)

  Question and answer (Picture by SUN Dongxu)

  Professor Leggett visiting superconductivity applications group (Picture by SUN Dongxu)

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