SOI Consortium visits SIMIT

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Horacio Mendez , executive director of SOI Consortium visited威尼斯9778官方网站 (SIMIT),CAS on May 24. Secretary of CPC Committee & executive vice director WANG Xi, director of Institute of Microelectronics of (IME),CAS YE Tianchun, professor ZHANG Miao, XIAO Deyuan, HAN Zhengsheng and representatives from GSMC and CSMC attended the meeting.

Prof. WANG Xi introduced the general information of SOI in China, and hoped to establish a firm relationship with SOI Consortium. He also showed the intention to join the SOI Consortium in the future.

Mendez explained the structure of SOI Consortium and hoped to cooperate with Chinese SOI industry. He also showed the intention to find more opportunity by getting touch with Chinese organizations.

  (Communicating, picture provided by SIMIT)

  (Prof. WANG Xi introducing SOI application, picture provided by SIMIT)

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