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Senior vice president of IMEC & GM of IMEC-NL Jo De Boeck, vice president of IMEC Rudy Lauwereins visited威尼斯9778官方网站 (SIMIT, CAS) On May 24. Secretary of CPC Committee & executive vice director WANG Xi, assistant director YU Yuehui Yu, SUN Xiaowei, professor WANG Yingguan, YANG Yang, TIAN Tong and XING Tao attended the meeting.

Prof. WANG Xi gave a general introduction of SIMIT and hoped both sides can establish collaboration in devices, communication, application and standards. Professor YANG Yang introduced the wireless communication of SIMIT.

Jo De Boeck introduced the general situation of IMEC. IMEC is Europe's largest independent research center in nanoelectronics and nano-technology, it cooperates with enterprises and shares the research cost and risks with the enterprises. He hoped both IMEC and SIMIT can build a close relationship and bring more chances to each party.

Both two parties hoped to build a long-term relationship for the further collaboration.

  (Communicating, picture provided by SIMIT)

  (Group Photo, picture provided by SIMIT)

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